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Friday Jun 5, 2015

 All managers need a good, reliable assistant and Andy Morrell certainly has that in the shape of Mike Fowler...

 The pair first met over a decade ago when Crystal Palace sent Fowler out on loan to Wrexham.

 Back in the Autumn when Morrell was beginning his project to transform The Lambs from a team into a club, he knew exactly who to call upon.

 “I speak to Andy four or five times each day,” admitted Fowler. “His wife always says that she is second in the equation!

 “But you have to have that close working relationship. Andy is a doer just like myself; when we see something that needs to be improved, we will get to work on it quickly.

 “There is a good balance between us. He’s easy to work with and has no qualms about getting involved and setting the pitches up for the Academy, for example.

 “It’s that work ethic that transfers itself from the very top all the way down. Everyone has to be prepared to roll their sleeves up and put the work in on behalf of the club.

 “I’m looking forward to pre-season. It’s an opportunity to lay some foundations and put some good preparation in with the lads.

 “It’s the chance for us to get our ideas across in a structured and correct way as we get ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

 “It’s going to be a good season. I’m excited by what’s in store; we’ve got some quality already signed up and we’ll be patient with our recruitment to ensure that we get the right people in.

 “The pressure is something that we relish. We want winners here – that’s the business that we’re in.

 “The Chairman and Directors are excited by what is happening here. The whole club is progressing, but we won’t lose sight of our main objectives and that is to put out a winning team that will give the supporters something to shout about.”

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