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Aaron Forde in the Spotlight

Friday Aug 9, 2019 caught up with Aaron Forde on Tuesday night to talk about his injury, pre-season and his company 'Foundations for the Future'.

 Be careful in the shower is Aaron Forde's advice after a freak incident put him out of the first few games of the season. “I was in the shower and reached round over the back of my shoulder and somethings cracked. I couldn’t move my thumb and my doctor sent me to A and E. Next thing I know I am having surgery because I have ruptured tendons in my thumb and wrist. The stitches were removed last week and I have another two to three weeks in the cast. I then have to have some intensive physio to get the tendons moving and thumb working properly. If all goes to plan, I hope to be back in 6 weeks minimum. While I am in the cast I can’t do anything at all as I can’t allow it to get damp and any running would could cause dampness due to sweat. If it was a sports cast it would be different so that is a problem for me. It’s very disappointing and frustrating.”

 On the move to Tamworth Aaron was very positive about Andrew and Gary. “They got in touch with me very quickly once the season had finished. There were changes going on Stourbridge and I didnt get a call so I spoke to them, I liked what I heard about the plans and they made me feel wanted. Another big factor for me is that it is very local to where I live just up to A38.”

 Outside of football Aaron runs his own mentoring company called ‘Foundations for the Future’ (@Found4theFuture). They work with young people in and around Birmingham supporting them to overcome barriers and to make the most of their talent. The work is mainly in schools and community centres, with opportunities recently starting to open up in Tamworth schools. Aaron is keen to see how this can link up with Tamworth FC too.

 Going back to the Lambs, Aaron believes that Tamworth have had a good pre-season. “Andy gives a lot of information to the boys and they have taken it on board really well. The feedback I have had from the lads is that they are really buying into what Andy and Gaz bring to the table. We have made some really good signings when you look at the two lads from Kettering, Kaz, and Bilal for example. There is a lot of good quality here.”

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