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Thursday Feb 25, 2016

 THE TEAM Builder committee hope that you will be able to attend their quarterly meeting in the Club House at The Lamb on Friday 18th March... 

 The occasion promises to be something very special and you will have the opportunity to meet and reminisce with players from the past who have become Tamworth legends.

 There are some occasions that, if you are a Tamworth FC fan, you just have to attend and this is one of them.

 The Club House will be open from 7.00pm and we hope that you will come and meet seven legends from the history of our club.

 This week our walk down memory lane brings us two legends who were idolised by the Tamworth faithful in the late 1990s and early 2000s - Mark Hallam and Gary Smith.

 Mark was the other half of the H bombers, alongside Warren Haughton. He joined Tamworth from Forest Green in 1998 and was quickly a crowd favourite as his goalscoring prowess went from strength-to-strength.

 He only played half of the 1998/99 season but slammed 15 goals in just 28 games. His fearless approach to the game upset many defences – strong and belligerent Mark would terrorise defenders by his non-stop performances and was not just a goalscorer but an excellent foil to his team-mates.

 He could hold the ball and provide chances for others and also create gaps in defences that others could exploit – the classic centre forward!

 In a four and-a-half year period he played 237 games for The Lambs and scored 115 goals – that’s some special strike rate at any level of football.

 No wonder he and Warren picked up the Non League goal predator award in 2000 because in that season alone Mark notched up 44 goals in 55 games!

 Alongside Mark and Warren Tamworth also had a third striker who tended to play wide on the right – the ever smiling Gary Smith.

 ‘Smudger’ to the Tamworth fans was a crowd favourite because he always gave 100% and was always prepared to take on defences with his speed and trickery.

 He joined The Lambs in the summer of 1995 and scored 18 goals in just 37 games in his first season. Gary was to stay at The Lamb for a further five years and by the time he left in 2001 he had played 222 games and scored 70 goals.

 A goal every three matches for a winger is some feat but Gary was a danger to defences every time he played. In the season 1999/2000 Gary was playing so well that he was called up to his country’s national team to play in some World Cup qualifiers.

 It was quite amazing how many Tamworth fans were soon found wearing the team shirt of St. Kitts and Nevis. On his debut he became the first and only Tamworth FC player to get a full international call up whilst actually playing for the club – an honour for both Gary and the club.

 You have now been introduced to three of our legends and in the coming weeks you will be introduced to four more.

 Please put March 18th in your diaries to be at The Lamb to meet some of the players who have made this club famous...

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