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BetBlocker is a great tool for problem gamblers

Saturday Jul 4, 2020

 Gambling is a recurrent activity that most people do for fun, some of them even make gambling their steady income as there are several games where you can become a professional and make a living out of them (if you are good enough).

 Gambling has been evolving since forever, and nowadays we can easily access online gambling platforms with just a few touches on a screen. Online Gambling is an increasing market (in both popularity and revenue), and every day, more and more bookmarkers, sports sites, and online casinos are released to the huge “ocean” of platforms to get a share of that incredible large revenue.

 Despite being fun, gambling is very addictive, and even if it is more “socially accepted” in comparison with other kinds of addictions, the risks and consequences of gambling addiction are as severe as any other type. Thanks to the internet, the world is now more connected than it ever was, and it really makes our daily lives easier, as you can literally “find everything on the internet”.

 But, there is always a “bad” side of the story, and, in this particular case, the internet can be a dangerous place for addict gamblers, people that are dealing with an addiction, and even for those who managed to overcome their addiction (since they can suffer a relapse).

 Every kind of online gambler is exposed to a “bombing” of publicity and adds, especially those who are fans of football now that the Premier League and the Champions announced their return. According to, there is an expected “gambling frenzy” that could occur all over the world (especially in the UK).

 Of course, the fact alone that these major sports events are coming back is not the only reason why they fear a gambling frenzy; there is also the fact that problem-gambling habits have increased over the past few months. Add to this problem that these soccer fans that are getting tons and tons of gambling ads rarely get any information about the risks and consequences of problem gambling, this is what makes the “perfect storm” that many governments would like to prevent.

 To prevent problem gambling, and to help those who got a gambling addiction, various governmental organizations have been created to fulfill that purpose, one of them is the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) which is the one responsible for licensing online casinos, and online sports betting operators, of course, their license comes with regulations, severe monitoring, and a series of responsible gambling policies that include several restriction methods inside the operator’s website to help any problem gambler close or restrict its account or even contact the corresponding organization to help it with his addiction.

 Additionally, there are various online software and plug-ins that could help even further to restrict all gambling-related content, this kind of tool could be used to help yourself, your friends and family, or even your children from accessing these sites.

 Despite the enormous amount of gambling sites restriction software that currently exists, we think that Betblocker is the best option for every person that wants to definitely prevent someone’s (or your own) access to gambling-related sites and content. This software is completely free, and it will effectively block the access for over 13,109 sites (according to their website, it also includes a parental control setting. Betblocker is available for every device(phone, tablets, and pc) and every operative system (Windows, Linux, Fire OS, and Mac).

 There are no ads or additional fees for the use of Betblocker, and there will never be thanks to the organization's policies where they don’t see any right to charge someone who already has financial issues due to its addiction. Finally, before activating the services of Betblocker you must be aware that you cannot remove the restrictions until the selected restriction period length has expired. For further information regarding problem gambling, we recommend visiting and

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