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5 tips to start your own grassroots soccer team

Monday Jul 27, 2020

 Creating a grassroots soccer team means giving children the chance to play who might not otherwise, and this is a wonderful reason.

 However, carrying a team is not an easy task, so we recommend that you take into account the following tips that will help you assemble your own team and not fail in the attempt.

 1. Do you have time?

 Building a team takes a lot of time, and even more so if you plan to train and / or manage it by yourself. Plan well the time it will take to start the equipment and make sure that the pace is compatible with the rest of your obligations. Do not push yourself. If it really interferes with your mandatory activities then postpone your plan.
 2. The ideal terrain

 Once you have finally taken the step and decided to form your own team, you need to find a place to play. It is difficult to find fields that are not already occupied by other teams at peak times, such as weekends and afternoons. Therefore, it is necessary that you spend time investigating what places in the area are available and collect data such as hours when it is free, prices, etc. in order to be able to choose the most suitable place.

 3. Make a budget

 The cost of the field is not the only payment to take into account. To manage your team, you will need to set prices that each parent or guardian will pay to cover the player's expenses. These expenses include registration fees, the salaries of the referees, kits and facilities for training and matches like balls, football shoes, football socks and many more. It is advisable to open a bank account of the team to manage money more easily. If you don't have much to start with, you can find a local sponsor to put their name on the team's jerseys.

 4. Affiliation and insurance

 Find out which leagues are played in your area and choose one to join. Membership is a guarantee of quality to the team and a platform to lean on in the event of certain conflicts. It is also important to take out good insurance that covers all team members well, an essential requirement to join.

 5. Recruit your team members

 Last but not least; you will need to name your team members. In order to maintain a grassroots soccer team, it is necessary to bring up to date many different issues, from financial issues to training, which you cannot carry forward on your own. To fill these positions you can ask for volunteers, for example, between the parents of the players.

 If you pay attention and be serious about the five points above, the success of your soccer team is in front of your eyes. Believe that the results will not betray the effort. Hopefully this article can inspire you to do "something" in your social environment. Thank you for reading.

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