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5 Terrific Tips For Watching Football Matches Online

Wednesday Apr 15, 2020

 Football season may be on hold, but that doesn't mean you can’t get your fix. You can watch classic games, tournaments, documentaries, and more all over the web. 

 And, the football season may return in a few short weeks. There's no better time than now to get your streaming setup in order, so you don’t miss a second of the action.

 Read on to discover the seven best tips you need to stream the Championship, Premier, and all your favorite matches like a champ.

 1. Plan Ahead

 Since most football events now are reruns, it isn't as big an issue. But you don't want to miss the opening seconds of the first big match because your computer needed to do an urgent restart.

 Well before any match starts, make sure all your technology is working correctly. Are your apps up to date? Are all network connections working? Is your sound turned on?

 Make sure everything is ready to go and then schedule events in your calendar, so nothing stands in your way to see it all.

 ● Check sound output
 ● Update operating system and all apps
 ● Test HDMI and other connections
 ● Replace batteries in remotes
 ● Ensure account information for streaming platforms is up to date

 2. Test and Optimize Your Internet Connection 

 It is another part of planning that you shouldn’t undervalue. Your network needs to be running like a champ. Begin with these steps:

 ● Test your internet speed
 ● Check your router
 ● Turn on password protection on your router to cut off freeloaders
 ● Disconnect any unnecessary connections. Is now a good time to be downloading every episode of Game of Thrones?

 In general, you need a minimum network speed of 5 Mbps to stream HD and 25 Mbps for 4k. But you also need room for other devices connected to your network.

 Likewise, now may be an excellent time to upgrade to a WiFi-6 router. Not only is it much faster than the WiFi-5, but it also handles many connections better.

 3. Choose a Solid VPN 

 Some streams are only available for the viewers in the UK. But you don't want to miss matches just because you happen to be out of the country. In that case, the easiest way to access the live streams is by using a VPN. A VPN works by connecting you to a server in the UK, which then connects to your target streaming site.

 As a result, it appears that you're browsing from within the country, which gives you access to all the local game streams.

 Even if you are in the country, it's still convenient to connect to the UK VPN server to bypass any throttling your ISP may do during the game. Bandwidth throttling is another issue that could be preventing you from streaming at the highest quality.

 4. Consider Adaptive Bit-Rate Streaming 

 Sometimes, no matter what you do, you may experience live-streaming issues. That's because, during live streaming, data might not fully cross to the server, creating buffering problems.

 Adaptive bit-rate streaming fixes it by using lower-quality streams rather than disconnecting. In some cases, the quality difference is marginal while ensuring you don't miss a second of the game. So it’s worth trying it out.

 5. Good Streams May Come From Unexpected Places

 Everyone knows the struggle of the 3 PM blackout. It can make following your team’s matches a real hassle. Fortunately, there’s a solution for that too. In the same way, you can use a VPN to see games from outside the country, you can connect to servers in other countries to see any games that fall under the blackout.

 Best of all, you can do it all using the same VPN client. For example, you might find a high-quality stream in the US. Connect to a server based there and stream away. It's that easy.

 Do some research in advance on matches you are less interested in. That way, when your team is ready to hit the field, you'll be too.

 Be The Football Champion You've Always Wanted to Be
 Streaming gives you the freedom to watch matches from anywhere. You can be at home, on the go, or not even in the UK. All you need is the right VPN and a fast internet connection, and you'll be ready to stream like a champ. All that's missing now are the snacks.


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