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2010-11 Back Of Shirt Sponsor

Friday Jun 18, 2010

Computer Friendly with a Revolutionary Change in Computer Support

They are a small local company who moved to Tamworth 11 years ago and take a completely different approach to other support companies in this area...

Rather than waiting for you to discover problems and call them, They are proactive and find small problems before they become big calamities - saving you hours of downtime and frustration. Rather than just respond to problems after the fact, They use our state-of-the-art automated systems to check your systems proactively every 5 or 15 minutes and that is 24/7 all year round. Computer Friendly will nip problems in the bud before - not after - they disrupt your business. Proactive IT Support conducts dozens of checks on your systems every five or fifteen minutes and can spot problems before they occur, with instant alerts about developing issue usually before you know you have a problem - So Computer Friendly can fix them before you experience the pain of downtime.
Computer Friendly has a comprehensive service provision and includes System Design, Implementation, Installation and IT Support remotely or onsite. They also specialise in Disaster Recovery of whole IT systems and Data Recovery from any media.

Paul Waterhouse, Managing Director of the Tamworth-based firm and a VIP Club member at Tamworth Football Club, expressed his delight at today's sponsorship agreement. "I moved to Tamworth 11 years ago and brought our company with us which has kept us very busy.  About 5 years ago I was convinced into coming down to TFC to watch a local game by my family.  This was the first football match I had attended in over 40 years but I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed both the game and the atmosphere to the extent I started to sponsor the team, several home games and a player each year.  I now find that it is one of my only escapes from work and the whole family rarely miss any home games.
As a local Tamworth Company we make an effort to support our local team because of the enjoyment and the hospitality my guests (our clients) receive whilst attending Tamworth Football Club. They may not always win but have done well in the league and play the game with a passion so they deserve our support and yours"

(Please note sponsor logo on rear of shirt is not actual size and is for promotional use only)

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