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Why Become A Football Fan?

Friday May 10, 2019

 Read on below!

 Football is not a sport or a game for its true fans, it is almost a religion. But there is nothing bad about it. Becoming a football fan brings a lot of joy and emotional moments, and this is partially an entertainment, and partially a passionate hobby.

 If you are not a player yourself, and have never played football, and will never play, it is hard to understand why a person may be so passionate about a sports game. Well, firstly, people are passionate about different things - some like gambling and search for an online casino portal and reputable websites, others like knitting and watch YouTube videos on the subject. If you would like to get a hobby, a passion, and also a community to share the previous two, becoming a football fan is your thing.

 The first cool thing about football is that, in most people, it wakes up interest in sports, athletics, good physical form and all that stuff. Younger fans definitely want to be like their cult-figures, and even if they do not start playing football themselves, they often engage in other activities, just to be in shape.

 The next cool thing is you get a long-term hobby. You always have what to watch on YouTube, interesting people to find out more about, bright personalities to follow on Instagram, events to track. You always have what to expect - a match, an event, etc.

 Following football events, evokes true passion. This is the main reason why people have hobbies or become fans of things. It is easier to go on with everyday boring tasks like well-paid, but boring job, when you have something pleasant to think of and to expect. Hobbies and small passions help you get joy from small things. You will be happier if you buy a T-shirt with your favorite player, and you will be super happy if you get him to leave an autograph on it. Happiness is in small things.

 And yet, the best thing about becoming a football fan is the community. It makes no sense being a fan alone at home. You go out into the world and find people who watch the same matches and feel excited about the same events. You can share the hobby, and eventually, you can also share other things about your life with these people, as the hobby makes you real friends.

 When you gather in a stadium and watch an international match, all people who support the same team are not just fans, they are a huge and devoted family. Therefore, if a community is what you lack in everyday life for friends and emotional comfort, you should really become a football fan.

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