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Unusual Football Bets

Monday Mar 25, 2019

 Are you tempted for next weekend?

 There’s one thing that football fans the world over have in common, whether they are followers of Manchester City, Real Madrid or, indeed, Tamworth FC, and that is placing a wager. Sure, there are a few professional sports gamblers out there, but for the vast majority, it is a bit of fun and it adds some extra excitement to the game, meaning that if your team wins, you get a little financial reward too – even if it’s just enough to cover a round of drinks. 

 In this modern internet age, football betting has become more popular and more accessible than ever. You can click here to see the range of matches you can place a bet on this very weekend. But the digital era is all about choice, and you are no longer restricted to simply backing a winner or predicting who will be the leading goal scorer at the end of the season. Here are some of the more unusual football bets you might be tempted to try.

 The Double Chance

 Unusual bets often take the form of quite improbable eventualities with long odds, but this first one is the opposite. It is actually a way to spread your risk and improve the chances of a win. With a double chance, you can back a team to win or draw, or you can back either team to win (ie you are betting that the game will not be a draw). Effectively, this bet is covering off two of the three possible outcomes. It’s a similar principle to the each way bet in horse racing.

 Next Manager to Go

 This is a wager that has been around for some time, but became particularly popular during the will he / won’t he Jose Mourinho saga earlier in the season. It gives punters the opportunity to bet on who will be the next Premier League manager to leave his post. The elegant thing about this one is that when someone falls or is pushed, any bets are settled and everything is reset. Given all the media speculation, it will come as little surprise that the current favourite is Chelsea’s Maurizio Sarri, at even money odds. According to the bookies, the biggest long shot is Pep Guardiola at 250/1.

 Luis Saurez and his strange taste for football

 This one is not a bet you can place right now, but serves as an example of why you should keep an eye on the specials sometimes offered by bookmakers. Prior to the 2014 World Cup, one Norwegian bookmaker offered odds of 175/1 on Luis Saurez biting someone during the tournament. Given that he had form and had twice been given penalties for this offence, 100 punters thought it was worth a wager. In the Group D match against Italy, Saurez came good for his backers, taking a chunk out of Giorgio Chillini’s shoulder. There was a degree of inevitability about it, and with hindsight, those odds really were too good to refuse!  

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