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Top Tips For Betting On Tamworth This Season

Monday Aug 5, 2019

 So you’re looking to place a little wager on Tamworth this season, but you’re not quite sure where to start. Maybe you’ve never done any sports betting before, or maybe you’re just getting started and you’re not well-versed in the specifics. Sports betting isn’t an easy industry to get into, so even if you’re just aiming for a small wager and you’re not looking to do this as a job, you might struggle.

 Well, not to worry - we’re here to help. We want to see you succeed when you bet on the Lambs just as much as we want the team itself to succeed. If you’re able to get a little extra out of our beloved Tamworth, then you should. Here are our top tips for betting on Tamworth this season. Follow these tips and you should find yourself a little richer at the end of it!

 1. All sites are not created equal

 If you choose to bet on the Lambs using a sports betting website, you should be aware that not all of these sites are created equal. Some will give you more favourable rates than others, and some have better offers and sweeteners for new bettors than others do. With that in mind, it pays to do your research before you get started. Websites like SportsBettingExpert will do the legwork for you, providing you with a list of sites and their offers and comparing them directly so you can see where you’ll get the best deal.

 2. Start small

 You might place all of your faith in our top-class strikers, but even Tyrell Waite makes mistakes every so often (sorry, Tyrell). You don’t want to lose a huge amount of money on a rookie bet. With that in mind, it definitely pays to start small. Keep your amounts low at first and don’t give too much away. Once you think you’ve developed a winning strategy, you can up your bet and play for higher stakes. Initially, though, you need to stay realistic.


 3. Manage your money

 One of the most crucial skills you can learn as a sports bettor is bankroll management. You need to keep a close eye on how much money you have available to you at all times. Setting a stake limit also helps; you might think the Lambs have no chance of losing against Sutton Coldfield Town, but if you set a stake limit then you’ll stop yourself from making a foolish wager based on little evidence. Learn to manage your bankroll and you’ll become a successful Lambs bettor.

 4. Keep your expectations realistic

 When you’re betting on sports, you have to expect that you’re going to lose, if not multiple times then at least once. Many sports bettors find themselves losing more often than they win. It’s entirely possible to develop a successful strategy that’s more likely to bring victory than it is defeat, but that won’t happen overnight. If you’re realistic about your expectations, then you won’t be disappointed if you do lose and you’ll be able to stick with the Lambs until you win.

 5. Don’t bet on every game

 If you’re a faithful follower of Tamworth, you might be tempted to bet on every single game. This wouldn’t be a wise decision, though. Remember 2017’s July game against Basford United? That 6-0 loss will surely go down in Tamworth history (sorry to bring it up again). If you’d bet on that, you’d have lost a lot of money. It’s definitely not a good idea to bet on every single game if you want to make a profit. Choose your games wisely and you’ll maximise your profit potential.

 6. Make sure your knowledge is on point

 Do you know everyone in the Lambs’ first eleven? Are you up to date with fixtures? Do you research the opposing team every time to make sure you know who we’re up against? If you don’t, it’s definitely a good habit to get into. Knowing your enemy is absolutely crucial to knowing whether this is a game you can safely bet on or not. If the opposition is enjoying a run of form, it might be better to skip that one. If they’re on a losing streak, put your faith in the Lambs.

 7. Build a strategy

 To be a successful sports bettor - on Tamworth or any other team - it pays to build a successful and strong strategy. To do this, especially if you’re following a single team, all you need to do is carefully observe game strategies and adjust your betting accordingly. Sometimes, our Lambs can struggle in the second half after a great first half. With that in mind, your betting strategy could involve betting on first goal scored, or a positive score before half-time, rather than a simple win.


 8. Don’t bet when your judgement is impaired

 We all love to wander over to the Lamb ground and have a few pints before we watch the game. This would be the absolute worst time to bet, though. If your judgement is impaired - by alcohol, any other mind-altering substance, or just good old-fashioned camaraderie - you’ll make poor decisions. You should only bet on the Lambs if you’re doing so with a clear head, because your wallet will regret impulsive decisions the morning after you make them. Trust us on this one.

 9. Don’t stick with a losing strategy

 So you think you’ve observed the games closely and you’ve got a strategy that’s guaranteed to win every time. The only trouble is that it hasn’t been working for you for a couple of months now. It was fine for a year or so - why isn’t it working now? It doesn’t matter. Jettison that strategy and start again. Maybe there’s been a personnel change, or maybe the Lambs are just playing off-form right now. Either way, you need to keep up with the times. Don’t assume a strategy that’s worked once or twice will continue to work indefinitely.

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