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Time To Bounce Back

Sunday Dec 23, 2018

 Tamworth FC all set to make a comeback – Steady, strong and ready!

 This exactly explains how Tamworth FC is braving against its unfortunate mis-happenings, in the last couple of weeks. The double injury setback from Magunda and Ryan Beswick was sure enough to cost an essential win for the team. The two, along with Paul Green form the midfield line-up and their very own presence is essential in terms of gaining a strategic win over the next festive season programmes to be held in the incoming weeks. Joel Kettle. the club captain, remained missing in the past game as well.

 Tamworth FC’s boss Dennis Greene seems to be under a dilemma. Most of the major and big players have been absent because of injury and other reasons. Another big blow comes from Asante, a highly talented player, who has been loaned by Chester City. Dennis Greene commented that there is a likely chance that this talented striker would absolutely go for Chester City. And that too permanently.

 Dennis Greene commented: “I am pretty sure he will go there permanently.”

 Greene also states that Chester City is under a discussion with them to confirm a fee, while Asante is himself has agreed for personal terms with them. He further on comments that he is expecting Asante to go and play for Chester City, once his loan is up.

 With a substantial number of players who have been missing or are under physical rehabilitation, the team seems to face a tough time ahead.

 But it is not all over for Tamworth FC yet! Dennis Greene also comments that both Magunda and Kettle are set to come back and feature in Saturday’s crucial game against St Ives. Tamworth FC (or the lambs, as usually known as) are all prepped up to face St Ives and bounce back from defeat at Stratford, and emerge victorious once again. The crucial win will aid the team to earn some major points in the scoreboard tally.

 However, he also mentions that the match, up against St Ives is not going to be an easy hustle. He is almost absolutely sure that their opponents would give them a stiff challenge, so as to claim their crucial position on the tally as well.

 Dennis Greene: “They are fourth in the form table and beat Kettering 3-0 recently”

 Rumours in sports betting:

 The match to be held on Saturday isn’t just a crucial win for Tamworth FC but is also an intriguing match that sports gamblers and bettors are looking forward too. A variety of speculations and apprehensions are being made, based on the recent developments in this season programme as well as in Tamworth FC’s personal events and occurring. Online casino forums are rumoured with the probability of Tamworth FC’s win over St Ives, provided that Kettle and Magunda return back in good shape and form.

 However, some opine that this comeback wouldn’t really be sufficient enough to score a win and help the team to earn whole points in the overall tally score as well. With the instance of the match nearing the weekend, there seems to be a lot of interesting developments and gamblers and bettors are leaving no stones unturned to make a crucial bet in order to avail good returns. Probably something to look forward to and make the best claims!

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