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The Dos and Donts of Online Betting

Wednesday May 22, 2019

 If you want to be a successful online bettor, then there are rules to follow – the dos and don’ts if you like. Many of the rules are obvious if you think about it. However, some are not, and it’s always handy to know what will help. In this article, we’ll go through all the best rules to start you out on the road to online betting success

 Do - Research Your Bookmaker Carefully

 Because of the increasing popularity of online betting, there are more and more bookmakers on the market. This is a good thing in the main, because there are more options and choices available. However, some are much better than others. Unfortunately, because there are so many, it’s difficult to thoroughly research all of them – comparing odds, prices, bonuses, customer service, promotions etc. – and making sure they are all above board. Fortunately, you don’t have to do all the work. These days, you can get people to do all the research for you – with bookmaker comparison sites such as BettingOnline. These look through every aspect of the bookmaker for you. You can find out everything you need to know and check out the latest betting offers at BettingOnline.

 Do – Open Multiple Accounts

 When starting your betting, it makes sense to open an account at more than one bookmaker, but why? Well, each different bookmaker has its pros and cons. Some offer great odds for football, others specialise in horse racing. There are some that offer a wider variety of markets than others, whereas others have more exotic betting options. Some bookies have a better live booking product than others.

 As well as this, different bookmakers offer different welcome bonuses. Let’s face it, welcome bonuses are pretty awesome, so why not get more than one if you can. You can benefit from deposit bonuses, money back bonuses, free matched bets and more. Why not pick up more than one? Also, each different bookmaker offers different promotions. Some will give great acca offers; others give best odds guaranteed, enhanced odds and specific event promos. The more bookmakers you have an account with, the more promos you can access. Which leads us to the next…

 Do – Check Offers and Promotions Regularly

 If you are betting on a specific event, then you might want to check out the different offers available at different bookmakers. For example, when the Grand National betting comes around, there will be plenty of offers available. SO, before you place a bet, look on different promo pages to see what you can get. The same goes for other big sporting events, such as the Champions League or the World Cup.

 Ideally, you should be looking at the promotions page whenever you make your bets, as there may be an enhanced odds offer or best odds guaranteed.

 Do – Follow Advice from Experts

 There are plenty of betting experts out there that will share their knowledge and impart their wisdom. As such, you’d be well advised to get reading and listen to what they have to say. There are plenty of online betting bloggers who have a big following – and for a good reason. People that make money from online sports betting are often good at sharing their advice. Make the most of that. You can also make use of top affiliate sites, who offer lots of good advice on sports betting. They also keep you up-to-date with offers, promotions and news, as well as checking out the pros and cons of different bookmakers.
 Also, make sure you do your research. Find out about different sports teams, injuries, team sheets, conditions etc. The more you know about what you’re betting on, the better chance of being a successful bettor.

 Don’t – Bet When Not of Sound Mind

 It might sound obvious, but when you make your bets, you need to make sure that you are doing so with a clear mind. If you are under the influence of alcohol, or any other substance, then this could lead to you making an unwise decision. Any bad decision could mean the difference between a win or loss. You could also be losing track of how much you are betting, and how much it’s all adding up. When you are betting, your finances are important – and being aware of what you are betting on is important. If you bet under the influence, there could be many expensive mistakes made.

 Don’t – Try For Quick Wins and Random Betting Strategies

 Professional and successful sportsbetting isn’t about the big win. There are plenty of people out there who will offer to give you the secrets of successful betting. They might claim to know all the secrets of winning on betting, but they won’t work in the long run. Sports betting isn’t about a magic solution. If you want to be a successful bettor, you need to work at it and be patient. Do your homework, do your research and be patient. Should you want a quick fix, then you’ll end up being disappointed in the long run.

 Don’t – Accept Bonuses without Reading the T&Cs

 There are so many offers around from different bookmakers. Some look too good to be true – and that’s because they are. You need to be very careful before taking up any offer. With each bonus there are specific terms and conditions that are attached. Some are tougher than others, so you need to check out the T&Cs before you take it up. You need to make sure you make your deposits the right way to claim, and you can fulfil the requirements for5 withdrawal. Check out the turnover requirements and betting requirements before you accept the bonus.

 Summary – The Dos and Don’ts


 • Research your bookmaker carefully before depositing
 • Open more than one bookmaker account
 • Keep an eye on the bonuses and promotions
 • Follow advice from bloggers, experts and affiliate sites
 • Set a budget and stick to it
 • Avoid lending or borrowing money for gambling


 • Bet when under the influence
 • Rely on Unknown Strategies and look for quick wins
 • Accept Bonuses Without Knowing the T&Cs
 • Chase losses
 • Risk more than you can afford to lose

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