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La Liga continues plans for regular season match in the USA

Friday Sep 21, 2018

 La Liga president Javier Tebas is ready to take the Primera stateside. Tebas is petitioning the Spanish Footballers' Association (AFE), the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and other organisations to hold a regular season match in Miami, Florida.

 The game would see Girona take on Spanish giants Barcelona on Saturday, January 26. Spanish football fans can use the GiveMeBet bonus code to unlock great promotions and bet on all of this season’s La Liga matches.

 Holding a regular season match in the United States wouldn’t just be a major coup for La Liga, but it would see a major windfall of money come its way. Despite the benefits to La Liga and both Girona and Barcelona, there are a number of problems staging a regular season match in Miami could create.

 A football arms race

 The biggest issue playing a game abroad would create is it opens the door for other teams and leagues in Europe to do the same. Accepting a large sum of money to play matches abroad could see some clubs pursue more opportunities to play outside their home city and country.

 According to Tebas, there is a 90 percent chance the match between Girona and Barcelona will take place. Once a sold-out crowd appears at the Hard Rock stadium in Miami, it won’t be long until other big clubs from England, Germany, and Italy want to play matches abroad. This will create an arms race in which the biggest clubs pursue playing league matches in the U.S., United Arab Emirates, China, and other countries to collect large paycheques. 

 Undermining smaller domestic leagues

 The U.S. and Canada have their own football leagues. Major League Soccer has been in play since 1996, and though it isn’t the biggest or best league in the world, it offers North American fans top-flight football. By playing a La Liga match in the U.S., Tebas is starting a war that will undermine MLS and the lower leagues of U.S. and Canadian football. With many Mexican football fans living in the U.S., and the Miami area in particular, the match between Girona and Barcelona could directly affect Liga MX as well. 

 If more La Liga, Premier League, Bundesliga, or Serie A regular season matches are played in foreign countries, it will undermine those domestic leagues. Already, a number of domestic leagues struggle due to games from Europe’s top leagues being shown on television. By playing live regular season matches in these locales, it could damage smaller leagues considerably around the world.

 Players and supporters against the idea

 According to Tebas, the fans are okay with La Liga staging a regular season match abroad. However, reports in Spain state the opposite. Barcelona are said to be leading the charge due to the amount of money they can earn in the U.S. Despite the club being ‘More than a club’ and a team for the people, it seems they are ready to turn their backs on domestic fans for a big American payday.
 Players and supporters are both reportedly against any game being played outside of Spain. According to the Daily Mail, clubs could actually lose a significant amount of money as they will need to repay season ticket holders. Real Madrid would lose more than €3 million in fan compensation.
 Any club playing in the U.S. could receive double or triple that amount as Relevant, the company that promotes the International Champions Cup, will pay top dollar for a regular season match.

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