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Getting Closer to the Beautiful Game

Thursday Nov 22, 2018

 If you’re a big football fan, no matter what team it is you follow, you should want to get as close as you can to the game. Investing your time, patience, effort and finances into the action of this sport will give you a cause to support. What’s more, for better or worse, it’ll certainly stop you from getting bored on the weekends! If you want to find out about what it takes to get closer to England’s national game, make sure to read on.

 Play the game yourself

 To forge for yourself a real connection with the beautiful game, there’s nothing like playing it yourself. Regardless of whether you haven't kicked a ball in anger in months, years, or even never, it’s never too late to do so.

 Depending on your current physical capabilities, there is always going to be a level of football that you can play and take to with ease. You don't have to join an 11-a-side team and play competitively every Sunday — you can join a friendly 5-a-side team, or you could even give walking football a go. Visit The Walking Football Association to find out more.

 Go down to the ground and see your team play

 Whatever your reason is for putting off heading down to your favourite team’s ground, accept it no more. If you truly want to experience the thrill of football, then you need to go and see your team play live and in the flesh. By doing so, you’ll be able to feel the electricity of the crowd, you’ll be able to feel the buzz of the game, and you’ll treat yourself to 90 minutes of pure entertainment.

 If the expense of tickets puts you off your favourite team, get your football fix elsewhere. More to the point, go to a lower league club. There are small clubs that charge cheap admission to be found all over the country, meaning you'd never be too far away from one. If you live in the Midlands, for instance, instead of going down to watch the Blues and the Villa on a Saturday, go and watch the Lambs in action instead!

 Get closer to the action as a match official

 If playing and watching doesn't do it for you, then maybe becoming a football match official will. There are plenty of suggestions about making sport your full career on Careers In Sport, such as becoming a referee — whether you ref a professional game, a semi-professional game or a children's game, once you blow your whistle, you’ll be in store for a frantic 90 minutes.

 Have a flutter on the weekly matches

 Another option for you to take that’ll see you get closer to the game of football is to simply have a flutter on the weekly rounds of matches. By signing up at a respectable and credible betting site such as Unibet you will give yourself the chance to bet on all football matches, all over the world. You don't necessarily have to gamble a lot, just enough to give you a reason to care about the action that you bet on.

 If you’re in desperate need of a new hobby, get closer to the beautiful game!

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