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A Beginners Guide to Bet on American Football

Tuesday Jun 25, 2019

 American Football is amongst the most popular sports on the planet. This is evidenced by the millions of fans and fanatics alike who bring the world and continents to a standstill during the Super Bowl.

 It is only natural that it attracts the most newbies to football betting. The numbers say it all. Beyond understanding the rules that govern the game, football bettors need to know the basics of placing bets on football matches. Whether you are placing bets solely because you believe your team will be the better one or are just doing it for fun like betting on blackjack, this guide will help you understand how to bet on football matches.

 Understand the Rules of the Game

 Football has many rules. Knowing that ow many players make up a team is a good place to start. But you have barely scratched the surface. Basics such as situations that get a player cautioned, different player positions, and touchdowns among other basics are essential and informative when placing bets.

 Secondly, you need to understand the basics of betting. You need to know what odds are, what the difference in odds mean and how they inform your betting decisions, how to get winnings and on what parameters among others. The basics are fairly simple. An odd, for example, as the name suggests, is the odds which the team you’ve placed your bet on has, to win. Higher odds mean an unlikely chance of the team achieving the said objective. Lower odds indicate the opposite. Winnings result from multiplying odds by the amount of money wagered.

 Types of Football Bets

 Football has tens of wagers. The most popular ones are point-spreads and totals.

 A point spread is a condition that creates an equal betting proposition. A great example of the point spread between two teams, A and B, pitted against each other is as explained. Team a will have 3.5 points negated from their final tally. A punter is only successful if team A wins by an equal or greater than four points. Team B, on the other hand, will have 3.5 points added to their final tally. If they win or lose the game by three points or less, then the punter wins.


 In Totals, the betting company sets a specific number to the cumulative points scored by both teams. An example would be the game ending with a total of 44.5 points. Punters then have to decide whether the game will have more or less cumulative points. In gambling lingo, this is known as over or under. Simply put gamblers will bet whether the game will end with over or under 44.5 points.

 Other football bets include money lines, props and futures. Props are bets that are decided as the game is being played. Common examples include the first team to score, longest or shortest touchdown distance,and the number of field goals kicked among others. Futures are predictions on how teams or players will perform. A great example is placing a bet on the team to win the Super Bowl or the Most Valuable Player before the season starts. In money lines, punters place bets on the winning team.

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