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Tamworth FC Academy Vs. Spalding United Academy FC

Thursday Dec 16, 2010

An early christmas present for the Lambs as they reach double figures against Spalding and go top of the league!

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Final Result: Tamworth FC Academy 11 - 0 Spalding United FC Academy

The first game back for the Lambs after three week break for snow and frozen pitches was an eventful affair from start to finish. Following the news on Monday of Harry White receiving a suspected broken toe (again) Dale Belford was forced into rethinking his plan. Left with a choose of calling up a player from the B team or adapting with the squad who did so well in their last few games, the Academy Manager choose to re-shuffle his squad rather than weaken Sneekes team (also playing a match at the same time).

In a bold manoeuvre, the Academy team lined up 3 - 4- 3 to start the game; with Micky Bloore joining Troy Wallen and Alando Lewis upfront. A combination of strength, technical ability and pace that was to leave its mark on the game in very short order.

The scoring was opened just 3 minutes into the game with an individual effort from Alando Lewis; chasing down a ball chipped over the top of the defence, Alando disposed the full back and drove along the by-line into the box. Cutting back past the centre half Alando then dispatched a shot to the near post which beat the keeper with the help of a minor deflection.

11 minutes were on the clock when the Lambs got their reward for a high tempo start to the game. A clearance under pressure by Tom Busby over the top of the centre back was pounced on by Micky Bloore as the defender failed to clear his lines after attempting to volley clear as the ball came down. With one touch to bring the ball under control, a second to gain a slight angle on the outrushing keeper and a third to dispatch the ball into the net, Micky was clinical in punishing Spalding's mistake.

Tamworth's third goal came just two minutes later; smarting thinking and awareness by 2nd year Tom Busby caught Spalding off guard. Whilst all in the ground expected Tom to lob the ball into the box from close to the half way line, Tom adjusted his run up and played a pass across the centre circle to fellow centre half Hoshane Gabbidon. With Spalding unaware of Hoshane's ability to strike the ball they were slow to come out as the Lambs player knocked the ball out from under his feet. This mistake was punished immediately as a 40 yard thunderous strike left the cannon of a left foot. Just a few seconds later the Spalding keeper had the un-envious task of picking it out of his net, after ball had ripped through the masses in the box and beat the keeper diving at full stretch to meet the unexpected attempt.

The game then settled down with the Spalding manager busy making adjustments, trying to cope with a front three, a combative midfield and calming back line content to play the ball amongst themselves to find the next opening. But as the half an hour point was reached all at the Lamb could only applaud a piece of brilliance from Alando Lewis. With the Lambs on the break Scoot Meer whipped in a cross from outside the left hand side of the box, with the ball slightly behind Alando he adjusted by Volley the ball over his shoulder into the far corner from the penalty spot, making his candidacy for goal of the game.

35 minutes and Alando had his hatrick; a corner pull back into the box was controlled by Alando, and after dribbling round two defenders to find space he dispatched his shot into the far corner of the net from just outside the six yard box.

Scott Meer got his first of the season, with the opportunity to play wide left as half time approached, a cross intend for Troy Wallen found its way into the net as the keeper concerned with Troy's presence misjudged the flight of the ball.

As the second half kicked off it was clear that Spalding had come out with a determination to win the second half and recover something to take on their long trip home. However their gusto was met with tightly controlled passing, which with one killer pass sprung the ill advised high line which the Spalding back four had attempted to play all game. Alando was first to pounce onto the ball as all three strikers broke the offside trap, and with a first time finish from 30 yards catching the keeper unset and the crowd unexpected, the on looking fans were left salivating a missed opportunity to see a one - on - one, but applauding a fine finish.

On the hour mark Tamworth made it 8 - 0. Substitute Aaron Daley made a quick impression on the game, turning the left back and leaving him behind with a rapid ten yard burst of pace. Looking up Aaron found Alando had kept up with him; a first time cross and one touch finish from Alando put him on five for the game.

68 minutes into the game and Troy Wallen got his reward for a tireless effort on his return from a couple weeks out of training with a chest infection.  Chesting Captain Connor Fulford's through ball down and breaking away from the backline in one move, Troy set out from the half way line with a turn of pace. Being forced from right to left, Troy was faced with using his weaker foot as the keeper approached the edge of the box in an attempt to make the angle smaller. But Troy had other plans, with the ball 30 yards from goal and going diagonally across the goal Troy used the outside of his right foot to chip the keeper; an outrageous attempt which rolled down the ball of the net and settled in the castle end goal.

Substitute Hayden Watson was quick to get involved again, puncturing the Spalding high line as he pounced onto Alando's through ball. With the only remaining defender left unsure as to whether to close down Hayden and leave Troy unmarked or try and by time, he left Hayden with only the keeper to beat. Shaping his body to pass the ball across the field Hayden dragged a shot into a postage stamp hole at the keepers near post from outside the box.

Rounding off the scoring on 85 minutes Jake Kirchoff-Sleet made it 11 - 0 and capped off a hard working performance in style. Troy Wallen picking the ball up  off Connor's pass on the edge of the box, dribbled past two then slid the ball in for Jake to pounce on. Jake rounded the keeper and slotted the ball home with aplomb.

The result was in danger of over shadowing a fine performance, passing style of play and the 3 points that takes Tamworth FC to the top of the league. But after the game the Spalding manager addressing our team summed up the performance: "Well done lads, you worked hard, played excellent football and kept going for the full 90 minutes with the right attitude."

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