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Junior League Day 2017

Friday Apr 21, 2017

 Another huge success at Harrogate Town game!

 Tamworth FC boss Andy Morrell praised the 'fantastic' job done by Teresa Whitehouse in organising another impressive Junior League Day.

 A crowd of more than 1,000 fans, including a large proportion of kids from the Tamworth Junior League, watched as the Lambs secured a thrilling 3-2 win over Harrogate to keep their slim play-off hopes alive.


 And Morrell said: “Teresa and (husband) Brian do fantastic things for this football club for not a lot of reward.

 “When Teresa sits there and watches and sees a game like that, with the amount of kids who are about, I hope she takes a huge amount of pride in what she has done.

 “She does all that, it's down to her and she deserves a huge pat on the back.

 “The club needs so many of those people, like Teresa and Brian, to help out with things.

 “They have got Tamworth FC in their blood and they would do anything for the club."

 Reflecting on the day, Morrell added: “The turnout from the kids was great.

 “We had three mascots at a game last week and they have all come back for the Harrogate game because they have loved it so much.

 “That's exactly why we do it. Hopefully some of these kids will come back and they might bring their mums and dads because they like it and it's what they enjoy on a Saturday afternoon."

 Teresa, meanwhile, said she was thrilled with how everyone at the club had bought into the day.

 “I thought it was fantastic how everyone got on board with the event," she said.

 “Both sets of players really got involved with the children. You could see them interacting with the kids as they walked onto the pitch.

 “The referee was also very supportive of the whole thing. I think everyone ensured it was a really good atmosphere around the place."

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