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Boston United FC Academy Vs. Tamworth FC Academy

Friday Nov 19, 2010

On a cold November afternoon, The Lambs made the cross country journey into Lincolnshire, with the Pilgrims their opponents at the impressive, but windy Jakeman's Stadium. Click here to read the match report...

It was a first half to forget for the Lambs as the lads were very slow out of the blocks, struggling to cope with the swirling conditions and the over the top play over the pilgrims on the large pitch. On 27 minutes that tactic paid off for Boston as the ball held up in the wind and both centre halves left it to each other to clear. The home sides centre forward Tricks pounced onto the bouncing ball and used it to lob Louis Conner from outside the box as he came out to close the angle.

It was 37 minutes before the Lambs got going, with a jinking run from Jake Kirchoff-Sleet past two defenders only to have his right foot shoot blocked by the pilgrims last man.  

It was only 2 minutes later that Tom Busby was caught trying to play his way out from back leading to two Pilgrims rushing towards the goal with only Scott Meer protecting Louis Conner. Scott jockeyed the striker with the ball excellent, preventing the cross field ball that would have given the rushing forward winger a clear route to goal. The opportunity was squandered as the overconfident striker attempted a curling, looping shot to far upright, which sailed wide.

With a minute to go until half time the games strangest moment occurred; an incident that wont quickly fade in the officials mind. The Pilgrims were on a counter attack from a Lambs corner, with a strong run the Boston player made his way to towards the Lambs penalty box. During the run the Referee saw a foul, put his whistle to his mouth, then decided not to blow it as the Boston player kept the ball.  10 yards further with the Boston player just a few steps outside the Lambs box the ref blew the whistle. The Lambs defenders and keeper stopped but the Boston striker tapped the ball into the goal. To the shock of our players and officials the ref signalled for a goal, refused to talk to his other officials and denied blowing the whistle. Following the Lambs refusal to restart the match the Referee finally consulted with his assistant and they were only willing to change the decision following confirmation from the Boston Team Manager. At that point the Ref admitted that he may have blown the whistle but had allowed the goal because he did it by accident!

Half time was the Lambs opportunity to regroup, address problems that were hampering the lads and define a different strategy for the second half, one that would get Tamworth back into the match. It only took a minute into the second half for the strategy to show some promise, as right winger Aaron Daley was released from most of his defensive duties and asked to push on, giving the Lambs a 4-3-3 look. Aaron was able to use his pace to get in behind the full twice, both times crossing to troy who had his first effort saved by the keepers outstretched foot, and his second hit the side netting.

The game heated up in the second half, with Tom Busby and two opponents booked as the Ref's control on the game waned in spells. But the mood of the lads was uplifted when Jake Kirchoff-Sleet guided a header into net from Aaron Daley's by-line cross; an excellent goal that was a just reward for Aaron's hard work.

73 minutes saw the introduction of powerful forward Rommel Downes, promoted from the B Team after a string of good performances. After only 2 minutes on the pitch Rommel made his first drive towards goal, utilising his dribbling ability. Sliding a pass into Troy Wallen, a shot was quickly dispatched that was saved only by the keepers finger tips, pushed just wide for a Tamworth corner kick.

The pressure built on Boston until 3 minutes from time when Danny Hall box to box all game stamina made the difference. Getting back from an attack to intercept a cross field pass Danny quickly turned and drove at the Boston backline. With Rommel on the left, Troy in the middle and Aaron on the right it was four on four.  With a defender coming out to close down Danny he sprayed the ball out to Aaron Daley; who bought time for Troy's bending run in behind the full back before laying in him. Troy took the ball down the line before looking up to see Captain Connor Fulford heading for the box at pace with two Boston players in tow. Troy's cross was pin point, and hit first time by Connor on the Volley without breaking his stride. The ball sailed between the two defenders and hit the back of the net before the keeper had time to react. A goal from outside the box worthy of winning any match.

A nervous and tense 5 minutes of time added on was played until the Ref blew the Final Whistle, sending The Lambs 3rd in the table, 2 points behind top with a game in hand at this early stage of the season. Final Score Boston United 1 - Tamworth FC 2

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