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A new way of helping families in your community - CAF

Monday Sep 28, 2009

Leanne Holder is the CAF Co-ordinator for Tamworth and sits within Turnaround. The CAF process helps to formalise the support given to many children and their families in Tamworth including many of the children referred to Turnaround.

How can the CAF help?
The CAF exists to help you support your child or a child you may be working with.  It can lead to a quick solution of help to identify extra support if needed. The CAF will ensure that everyone involved with the child - such as teachers and health visitors - works together to support the child.  It also stops you having to repeat the same story to different workers.

When is CAF used?
The CAF can be used if YOU as a parent or a professional working with a child think they need additional support!

How does it work?
Information from the parent or carer and child (if old enough) is gathered on simple form to ascertain what support might be needed.  An older child may feel able to discuss their situation on their own with someone they work with maybe a teacher or counsellor and can keep the information confidential if they wish.  Following this a Team Around the Child is set up to get all the people working with the child and their family around one table to listen to the family and come up with an action plan!

How is CAF helping in Tamworth?
Over 230 CAF's have been opened in Tamworth on children and young people aged 0-18 years.  Many of these children and families have benefited from referrals to new services, improvements in attendance and behaviour, a change of housing and financial intervention.

For more information please contact the Turnaround Team at your Tamworth Police Station


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